Sunday, February 22, 2009

AND it continues...

The bad luck, that is..

So, I go to prepare a portfolio for my big job interview on tuesday... Only to have my back-up hard drive with ALL of my recent work (minues Merrow, Melusine, Kelpie and Vireo arts, THANKFULLY!!) not work.. And I mean, not work.. As in, it won't spin, and therefore won't let me access my files... So, yah.. I thought I was screwed, but THANKFULLY I remember that most of my work is on as prints at dA... Just, I enabled downloads for those pieces and got them. They are in JPEG format, unfortunately, but atleast they are atleast 300dpi, if not 600dpi.

Just add it to the list....

Melusine WIP

WIP of my Melusine.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Okay, so I sliced off a chunk of thumb and finger at work yesterday.. Nice.. Miss Holly and I went and searched for the chunk, found it and threw it out. Nasty. So, I'm all bandaged up. You don't realise how much you use your non-dominant thumb until it hurts like hell..

ANYWAYS, here's a sketch. Cheers.

Updated Melusine Sketch

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Not too fond of these next few sketches, but we'll see where they lead to. This thrusday is the first day that I get to meet the student I'm mentoring. That should be interesting. Hopefully I'll be able to lead in the right direction.

Bad luck continues.. Cats broke one of my few wine glasses, toilet over flowed... AFTER I peed (nice, I know), and now the power button on my desktop broke off, so I won't have a desktop for the next few weeks.. Thankfully, I have my laptop. Looking forward to next week, as my interview is approaching.

Here are the sketches. These are for my encyclopaedia as well.. I don't know, just not to fond of them at this stage.

Will O' The Wisp


This is a portrait of my friend Ty ( he made fun of me for drawing something in 'chibi' style. He makes for an adorable 'chibi'.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Two new illustrations and some sketches

I've basically had a week from hell... I treated myself to some salon time (MONEY!!) cause I has some extra cash, only to lose my cell phone promptly after that. Then my laptop stopped working due to a Vista issue (thanks MICROSOFT!!), so I removed EVERYTHING including Dell drivers, only to find that my dell driver CD was broken in half (WTF...?), finally got that fixed, only to get the stomach flu and miss a shift a work (there goes some money towards new cell phone...) Now today, another HP/Vista error with my scanner... The HP software could not recognize the scanner.. WTF.. So, finally got that fixed. One good thing, I have a job interview to be an art instructor for when I move back home. Wish me luck.

These two are for an encyclopaedia that I'm working on about Celtic folklore. Next one the list is Will o' the Wisp and Cait Sith.

The Kelpie

The Merrow

Some sketches