Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hey!! Look what I did!

View at own risk, blood and grossness. This means you do not click this link KS. Yes, you. GROSS

Yeah, i did that while washing a glass that broke in my hand. i spent over 2 hrs in the clinic today only to find out that i waited too long for stitches that i now,it's going to take me longer to heal and i'll get a nasty yeah... my right hand is useless and it's my dominent hand...thankfully my instructors (so far) have been understanding. kindof hard to paint when cannot hold hand is wrapped like a mummy. hence the lack of caps....i have to shower with a bag taped to my wrist. :(

anyways, art is on hiatus until further notice.


  1. yyyeeeOUCH! omgosh T____T -air pets poor hand- ;__; I am glad your instructors are being understanding. Guh I would go insane not being able to use my hand to draw, color, paint and such. Poor Ashly hand T///T

  2. Nooooo so horrible T_T (snugs hand to get better!)

  3. Did you take that picture with your left hand??

  4. ewww...that is gross dude...
    (i had to know me...even though you told me not to..maybe that is why i did need to tell me the opposite...i am like a child)

  5. Totally didn't notice you had a blog. Christ. The gang's all here. AND NO EXCUSES: GET BACK TO WORK! :P